Research Proposal: the Essence of Academic Research

A research proposal is one of the most basic essences of any academic research. It allows you to streamline your research study. At the same time, it also you convince the thesis jury about the importance of your research. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the importance of proposal writing one. Through this article, you will learn the importance of a research proposal and the method of writing it. Uniresearchers gives best proposal help in UK


Writing a research paper is not a child’s job. You require many skills to complete a research. Even if you have those skills, you need to convince the tutor regarding the importance of your research. You can convince the worth of your research with the help of a proposal. A dissertation  writing proposal also shows your competence and work-plan to complete the research. Before starting with the proposal, you need to know its purpose and importance.

Purpose of Research Proposal

The main purpose of proposal writing is to give your tutor a basic idea of your research paper. However, it is not a mini research paper. You need to work on many other aspects. It should include the objectives of the research, brief initial research, and time schedule. However, most of the students never understand the importance of writing a proposal. A high-quality thesis is essential for the success of your research. Moreover, it also helps in impressing the thesis jury.

Importance of Research Proposal

A dissertation proposal has a huge importance in a student’s research paper. In a long run, the proposal saves a lot of time. Moreover, they are informative and persuasive. It helps to identify the following

  • The proposed research area of the student
  • The originality of the research
  • The resources of the project
  • The communication ability of the students

What to Include in a Proposal?

Now that you know the importance of writing a proposal, you must be wondering about the contents.

1. Title

A proposal should primarily focuses on a narrow topic. Furthermore, you should ensure that the selected topic is interesting and unique.

2. Abstract

The abstract of your proposal should not exceed 100 to 125 words. The sentences in your abstract can set out your problem and the issue that you wish to address.

3. Introduction

Later, your introduction should explain the purpose of your research study. In addition, it should also describe the goals and objectives of your study. To be more specific, the introduction includes the goal(s), expected result, and application of the study. Finally, it also defines the tasks essential to achieving the goal.

Moving further, it should contain the outline of the hypothesis. A thesis is a one or two sentence statement. It provides the readers with the idea about what they would expect in the entire paper. Moreover, it also mentions the stance that you would take on your topic. You need to make your thesis statement argumentative.

4. Literature Review

The literature review section will demonstrate your knowledge you have gained during your research study. To do so, you will have to identify the literature relevant to your selected topic.  Later, you should review them and align it with your research. Additionally, your literature should also have comparison and similarities to justify your stance.

5. Methods

The proposal should demonstrate the methods through which you would conduct your research. Your research method might include both primary and secondary. Therefore, through this section, you should explain the methods of analyzing your findings.

6. Significance

Your proposal should signify the need of your research study. Therefore, it should majorly indicate the originality of your research. Furthermore, you should explain its importance. Some of the methods to state the importance of your research are

  • Explaining how your study adds value to the current state of knowledge
  • Providing the reasons for the need for timely research of the topic
  • Explaining the real world applications of the research

7. Work Plan

The work plan is a very critical part of your proposal. The work plan helps you define the milestones that you will achieve during a period. Therefore, the work plan is just a timetable will help you keep you on track. Moreover, the instructor will also get to know your approach and plan.

8. Bibliography : Proposal Help in UK

The bibliography if the last section of your proposal. This section should contain the reference to the works that are relevant to your research.

Now that you know about a research proposal, you would agree that it is the essence of academic research. This article will help you draft the best proposal. However, if you find it proposal writing difficult, you can seek out for proposal help in UK. Uniresearchers, is one of the best academic writing services in UK that offers proposal help in UK to all students. 

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