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A research proposal writing is one of the most important parts of your complete research. It is a concise summary of your complete research. Basically, it draws a rough outline and covers all the areas of your research. Your research proposal is one of the most important documents you submit in all of your research documents. It is very important that you write your research proposal very well, for your future depends on this. Here are a few things you must include in your research proposal to make it effective and impactful. . Your choices of words and vocabulary which you use in the dissertation will have a huge impact on your tutors and readers. A good use of words makes for an impressive research proposal. You must ensure that you put in only top quality content in your dissertation and that whatever you write must make sense and be meaningful.

Let’s take a look:


Here you mention the tentative title of your dissertation. Obviously, this can be revised during the course of the research.

1. Abstract:- An abstract should contain a brief summary of your entire research. It is the whole and soul of your proposal. This is probably the most influential part of your research proposal. A lot of thought must be given into writing an abstract. However, this shouldn’t exceed more than a 100 words.

2. Research context:- Research context contains the backdrop against which your research has been conducted. In this section, give a brief general study of your entire dissertation.

3. Research methods:- In this section, you should mention what methods you have chosen to conduct your research. Your methods can be anything, from surfing on the internet to visiting the library and getting information from books. Keep in mind to mention all your methods of research under this section in your research proposal.

4. Importance of your research:- What interests most tutors is originality in research. Under this section you should explain how your research is important. Mention the current state or simply state facts, but you need to establish it in the minds of the readers that your research is important.

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