How to write a perfect abstract for your dissertation?

How to write a perfect abstract for your dissertation?


If you are a student, who is about to start writing their dissertation or have already started writing, then you’ll need a few professional tips here and there to perfect your dissertation.  A very important part of all dissertations is its summary. This is the part of your dissertation which will be read first. Once this is read, only then will the team proceed to review your dissertation. Which is why, writing a good summary, or abstract, is very important. Your entire review of the dissertation is based on this abstract.Therefore it should be a perfect abstract for your dissertation.

Writing a good abstract is perhaps the most important part of your dissertation writing. If your abstract is good, only then will your dissertation be reviewed. Which is why, it is imperative that you mention all the correct facts and sources in your dissertation. Because ultimately, your abstract will be the first impression of your dissertation.

Most students who are not able to write a proper abstract often go for Dissertation writing help UK. Students who feel troubled writing abstracts can always go for professional services like dissertation abstract writing help UK, Dissertation writing services UK or British dissertation help UK. But for students who like to write their own dissertation, how do you do it? How do you write an abstract that leaves a positive and lasting impact? Let us guide you through it!

Overview of Abstract writing

The function of the abstract is to provide an overview of the entire dissertation. A good abstract more efficiently describes the contents of the dissertation. You must always keep in mind to maintain the dissertation structure UK of your dissertation. Also, if an abstract is well written, it easily explains even the most difficult parts of your dissertation. Here is how you can create a good abstract for your dissertation:


Always remember this thumb rule; the total length of your abstract should not be more than five percent of the entire length of your dissertation. The abstract is meant to provide an overview of your dissertation, make sure you write it like that. The maximum length of your abstract should be one page. The main reason behind this rule is to make sure that the contents of your abstract can be quickly read and understood. If it becomes too long, the reviewing process will take a lot of time.

According to the dissertation structure UK, make sure that you place the abstract before the index/table of contents and after the preface. Another point to note is that your abstract should be written in the present or present perfect tense.

Contents of abstract

There are certain topics which must be included in the abstract. It is important that you understand the quality of data you put in the abstract. It should make a statement.

One of the first things you should mention in your abstract is the problem you’re addressing. Indicate the objective of your dissertation. Secondly, mention what all you’ve done during your research. Explain all the methods you’ve used and the approach you’ve taken towards your research. Post that; provide a brief summary of the results. Write about what results you’ve obtained and the conclusions you’ve arrived on.

Finally, summarize all the important points from the discussion and write about recommendations. This part will speak of what your research means. Make sure to use acronyms. The main reason behind writing a dissertation is to ensure that the reader can get a gist of your research without having to go through the entire dissertation. Use acronyms wherever you can. This makes your abstract easily readable.

We all know that writing a dissertation and an abstract for that dissertation is not an easy task. Which is why, there are various services like Dissertation abstract writing help UK which write your abstracts for you. Writing an abstract, let alone a dissertation, is not an easy task. There is no shame in seeking help for these tasks. There are many dissertation writing services UK who provide professional British dissertation help UK.

Listing Source references

Just like any other write-up, in your dissertation, you have to mention the source reference as well. In these references, you have to mention where you’ve got your facts and data from. Whatever facts you have used in your dissertation, you need to list down all their source references. However, in an abstract, you need not mention the references. The reason being, that in an abstract, you have to mainly write about the findings of your research and all the conclusions you have made. You have to mention your own findings here.

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