How To Conclude An Essay

How To Conclude An Essay


How to conclude an essay

Most of the people often find starting an essay to be one of the most difficult tasks. However, concluding
the entire essay is also equally important for most of the people. The conclusion plays a very important
role in any essay because that is the last thing that the readers read in your essay. Therefore, you need
to understand that the last piece of information any person reads retains longer than anything else. The
expert writers of every essay writing help service know that writing a conclusion is very difficult and
hence they give huge importance to the same.

Need for Conclusion

The conclusion of any essay closes all the discussion and evidence in the essay. It gives the readers a
final understanding of your essay. Therefore, while writing the conclusion, you need to focus on the below
two points
 Provide something in the conclusion over which the readers can think.
 Write the conclusion on a positive note in such a way that it completes the entire essay

Writing a Good Conclusion

The length of your conclusion depends on the length of your essay. Generally, the length of a conclusion
is ten percent of the entire length of the essay. However, you should ensure that even the shortest essay
should consist of a five-sentence essay.
 The first sentence should restate the thesis of your essay. You should not copy the thesis
statement as it from the introduction. Instead, you have to present the same thesis in different
words. In short, you have to rephrase and restate your thesis.
 The middle section of the conclusion should review your supporting ideas. You have to
summarize your agreements proven in the essay. In short, you need to show how you proved
your thesis.
The final statement should act as the closing statement. It should connect back to the essay and should
provide some comments for the readers to think about.

Not Writing a Bad Conclusion

Being a student, you not only have to know how to write a good conclusion but also how not to write a
bad conclusion. There are a few common presumptions or mistakes that the students often make while
writing a conclusion. Therefore, it is necessary to know the things that you should avoid during a

Do not repeat the introduction

Most of the time teachers encounter that students copy paste the introduction as it in the conclusion.
Sometimes, they also rephrase introduction and write it sentence by sentence. Obviously, such a practice
does not make any sense. This not only reduces the quality of your essay but also brings also affects

your efforts that you have done for the rest of the essay. Therefore, every time you write an essay you
need to ensure that your conclusion should not be same as your introduction. If you find it difficult to write
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Do Not Add Something New

A conclusion should never contain any new information. It should only contain the information that is
discussed in the essay. Adding anything new will create confusion within the readers, as they will not
have the relevant knowledge about the information. If you find it difficult to write a conclusion without
adding new information, then you can get essay help from essay proofreading services.

Not Just a Summary

One of the most important things to understand about a conclusion is that it is not just a summary of the
essay. Most of the times, students just provide a concise summary of all the arguments within the essay.
Doing so will not add any value to your conclusion and will just eat up your word limit. Therefore, you
need to identify the most important and relevant arguments to discuss. If you are confused about writing
your essay or conclusion in its best form, you can look out for essay writing help service. Such services
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Clearly, writing a conclusion is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, this article will help you every time
you start with a conclusion. However, if you still find it difficult to write the conclusion, you can get help
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