How To Write A Research Proposal

How To Write A Research Proposal


How to write a research proposal

A highly thought and researched proposal acts as the backbone of any dissertation. Therefore, it
becomes the most important step in the process of dissertation proposal writing. The main objective
of dissertation proposal writing is to convince the committee and get their approvals. Therefore, you
need to focus on a proposal with at most attention.


Every proposal should be able to show why you should conduct the research. It should be credible,
achievable, practical and reproducible. Every proposal writing service focuses on these factors. While
preparing a research proposal, you should ensure that you follow the below tips
 Practical
 Persuasive
 Broader links
 Clarity
 Planning


The contents of a research proposal vary from one proposal to another. However, every proposal should
contain a few general contents. These common contents as suggested by most dissertation proposal
writing services
are discussed below


The introduction is the initial pitch of the idea over which you plan to perform the research. It is used to
put the research into context. The major purpose of the introduction is to generate interest in
readers. The introduction of the proposal should convey the readers your purpose, passion, and
necessities. Further, the introduction should also focus on the hypothesis on which the research design
is based.

Literature Review

The literature review consists of all the sources, which help you with the research and act as a source of
evidence for your research topic. Due to the growth of the internet, it has become easy for people to
access many resources. Therefore, a literature review has become a little easy these days. However, this
sections needs to be planned intelligently. The order in which the review is done is very important. You
can move the review in chronological order or from general to more focused research. However, the
literature review should not be exhaustive in a proposal.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the proposal show what the researcher wants to achieve. You can make the
hypothesis as the aim of your research. You can also further categorize your objectives as primary and

Research methodology

The major purpose of research methodology is to convince the committee that the methodology
described in the proposal will help you achieve your research purpose. However, you need to ensure
that you include all the components in the research methodology.

Population and sample

The population includes all the elements in the universe. On the other hand,
the sample includes elements that are related to the study. While collecting the sample you should
clearly specify the criteria for inclusion and exclusion of sample.

Data Collection

The methodology for collection of data must have a specific entry in your proposal.
The validity of the data is very critical during the proposal. Moreover, you should ensure that your study
does not affect the life of the participant. If required, the details of the participant should be maintained
confidentially. The collection method could either be through a direct or indirect method. Also, you can
either use open-ended or close-ended questions. Moreover, you should also provide the list of
questions that you used in your annexure.


The applicability shows the level up to which you can apply your findings to real-world

Data Analysis

This section should show how you identify, sort and analyze the data that you will
collect during your research. Moreover, you should also state the test that you use to analyze the data.
Further, if you use any software, you should mention the same.


The budget is an important part of your proposal. While calculating the budget, you should focus on all
the aspects of the budget. Moreover, you should also focus on the unexpected disasters and risks.
Further, the rising cost can also be included. Whatever is the budget, it should have proper justification.


Similar to every scholarly article, you should provide the citation for your research as well. The citation
should follow the referencing style suggested by your university.

Having access to the entire structure of the proposal, you should start with the proposal immediately. If
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