How To Write An Essay Introduction

How To Write An Essay Introduction


How to write an essay introduction

The major purpose of an introduction is to ensure that the readers of the essay get a brief idea about the essay they would read. Generally, an essay should provide the background of the problem discussed in the essay and the outline of its solution. It tells the readers what to expect from the essay. Therefore, according to most of the essay editing service UK, every introduction should be based on three major objectives: context, answer, and structure.


The major target audiences of any essay are generally intelligent with minimal information. Therefore, it should start with the background of the topic. Moreover, it should contain the scope of the topic and the necessary definitions.

Crisp Background: The introduction always should start with the background and subject matter. However, it should not be too broad. Making the background broad will further make it uninteresting. Moreover, it is essential to identify the topics and subtopics in the context of the introduction.

Scope Establishment: Establishing the scope is necessary so that the essay is linked to the main topic.  Establishing the scope becomes easy with WH questions such as Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. Moreover, you can also specify if the essay is associated with particular demography, time period or a group of people.

Definitions: Definitions play a major role in an essay introduction. However, they should be used only when they are required. 


The answer to the problem is the most important part of an essay introduction. However, the response to the problem is provided through the thesis statement. Generally, the thesis statement marks the end of the introduction and the introduction to the body of the essay.

Thesis: The thesis statement is the direct response to the essay topic. However, it is not too long. It is just one sentence lone.  It is used to describe the perspective of the writer. Moreover, it also summarizes the pieces of evidence related to the perspective.


An introduction tells the readers about the structure of the essay. It should mention if the essay follows a chronological, thematic, sequential or contrasting structure.

Chronological: A chronologically structured essay should deal with the problem from the point of its inception. 

Thematic:  When different paragraphs are grouped under different themes it is called a thematically structured essay.

Sequential: A sequentially structured essay answers the issues related to the essay in a specific sequence.

Contrasting:  The essay that describes two different elements of the essay and compares them to reach the final conclusion is said to follow a contrasting structure.

What Not To Do

Avoid Cliché

Certain methods of writing an introduction might have had their own importance in the past. However, such methods now have become boring. Therefore, such clichés will make your essay uninteresting. One of the best examples of such clichéd introduction is the usage of a definition to start an introduction. In this fast-paced world, curiosity has reached its peak. Therefore, starting your introduction with a definition will make the readers run away.

Don’t Take Pressure

Writing an introduction might often be difficult and often lead to writer’s block. In fact, the writer’s block is the strongest while writing the introduction. Most of the times, writers do not realize how to start an essay. As a result, it increases the pressure. However, the best approach to avoid pressure is to keep writing something. You should keep writing something so that you keep getting ideas. Another approach to writing a good introduction is to start with the body and then move to write the introduction. You might find it easy to write the introduction after you complete the entire essay.

Don’t Avoid the Importance of Convincing

The art of convincing is not important only in the area of sales. Convincing is important even in an essay. You should be efficient enough to convince the readers that your essay is worthy enough to read. The best place to convince the readers in an essay is the introductions. Once the readers read your introduction, they should feel that your essay is an interesting read. The best way to gain the attention of your readers is to present your thought in such a way that the readers question it or disagree with it.


Now that you know how to write an introduction, what holds you back?  However, if you still feel it difficult to write an introduction, you can get essay help from essay editing service UK. These services provide essay help for various fields of study. There are various experts who work to help you with your essay.