Essay Success Formula

Essay Success Formula


The process of writing an essay is always the most difficult task for the students. One of the biggest
reasons for that is they do not know where to start and where to end. Writing an essay is a large task and
should have a systematic approach. Most often, the best online essay writing service follows a seven-
step formula to write a successful essay. Therefore, through this article, the students can learn the
formula that the best essay service uses to write an essay successfully.

Step 1: Select the Right Topic

Selecting the right topic is the best way to start your journey towards a successful essay. However, this
step plays a vital role only when the students are given an open chance to select their own topic. The
experts at the best essay service will often invest appropriate time to select the right topic. The selection
of the topic depends on the final goal of the essay, which could be either to educate or to persuade. In
cases where the students are already assigned with a topic, this step does not have any importance.

Step 2: Prepare the Outline

Organization of thoughts is essential for any successful essay. Therefore, experts of the best essay
editing service often make a diagram or outline of their ideas for the essay. If in case, you chose to
outline your ideas, you should jot down your ideas and organize them according to the logical flow. On
the other hand, in case of a diagram, you can make use of the tree diagram to represent your though.

Step 3: Formulate a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is generally a single sentence that lets the readers know what they can expect within
the body of the essay. Every thesis statement has two parts, wherein one states the topic and the other
states the purpose of the essay. Experts often suggest writing a thesis statement at the end of the
introduction and before the start of the essay body.

Step 4: Write the Body

The body of the essay is where the main information goes. The body contains all the necessary
information and arguments that support your topic. This section will contain extensive information and
hence the students should follow the pre-defined outline to avoid the illogical flow of information and

Step 5: Write the Introduction

The introduction is the first section of an essay. However, professionals at the best essay editing
service prefer writing an introduction after the body. The motive behind is to understand the topic
completely and present the background in such a way that the readers get attracted to the essay. Doing
so makes the introduction an attention grabber. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the introduction should
end with the thesis statement.

Step 6: Write the Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of an essay; hence should not contain any new information. It should
provide a gist of all the important information within the body so that the readers take away the key
information at the end. Moreover, it should also reinforce your thesis.

Step 7: Proofread the Essay

The experts of the best online essay writing service consider proofreading as an equally important part
of the essay writing formula. During the process of proofreading, the writers often stumble upon a lot of
unintentional spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. Sometimes, the writers also come across issues
related to the flow of information. Hence, through the process of proofreading many visual and
unintentional errors can be rectified.
From the above formula, it is pretty clear how to write a successful essay. Unfortunately, most of the
students have issues with time and hence cannot dedicate time to apply the formula. In such cases, the
students can look out for essay writing services such as Uniresearchers, which offer the best online essay
writing service.