Writing Your Dissertation Results Section

Writing a dissertation is no less than climbing the Everest as it has several difficult sections. One of the difficult sections is result section that requires you to organize the available data and represent it in the way that the reader can understand. However, not all students know how to represent the results. This article will help all the students learn how to write your result section. Uniresearchers gives you a best dissertation writing services.

The result section of a dissertation is a place where the student has to describe his/her findings.  The section includes various types of data such as survey results, measurements and much more. This section is a very important section as it shows the original efforts of the student and displays the importance of the dissertation topic.

Most of the students do not have any idea about what to write in their result section. Therefore, through this article, you learn what to write in a result section of your dissertation and how to present it.

Organize the Results Data

The results of your experiments would be a mess and unorganized after you complete them.

Therefore, the first step for your result data should be to organize all the information that you have collected.

Prioritize the important data from the non-important ones by linking them directly to your research questions. The most relevant information will get the highest priority.

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Structure Your Result Section

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Pay Attention – Your Results Need to Be Easy to Read.

The result section is probably is a very small space for a huge amount of information you have identified. You need to structure your result section properly so that your results are readable. One way to do would be to include the subheadings.  The subheadings can help your reader easily browse the information they want.

On the other hand, if your hypothesis has multiple sections, you can you can divide your result according to your hypothesis sections. While writing your results, the first thing that you mention should be the most significant and relevant information. The main reason is that people often scan the paper rather than briefly reading it.  For quantitative analysis, you should provide relevant statistics and the statistical analysis performed such as ANOVA etc. On the other hand, for qualitative analysis, you should relevant information such as quotes.

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Include Figures

Anything that is an image, map, chart, graph, picture, or any other illustration is a figure. Every figure that you include should have a brief description below it. Moreover, the included figure should also have an appropriate citation. The graphs are the most commonly used figures in the result section as these figures show the required relationship between the data. The figures should have the number and the name of the figure at its bottom. You need to refer this figure number in the main text of the result section.

Include Tables

Another essential element present in the result section is a table. The tables are a list of information organized in the form of rows and columns. They help outlay the numerical values identified during the research. It helps the readers to understand the collected data.

The use of a table is suggested when a student has huge information that is difficult to display in the form of text. If your data fits within a table of three rows and columns, it is better to present it in a text format.

The information that is included in the graph should not repeat in the table and vice versa.

Every table that you include should have a table number and a table name at the top of the table. Similar to the figure number, you need to refer the table number in the main text of the result section. At the bottom of the table, the students can include notes section for additional details.

Additional Tips: Dissertation Writing Services

  • The result section should be short and simple.
  • Use past tense. Also, ensure that you keep it in active voice as much as possible.
  • Do not overload the result section with a basic description and the users will be aware of the basic statistic function.
  • Writing the result section will consume a lot of your time and so plan your dissertation accordingly.
  • Double check the data present in all the tables and figures.
  • All the tables and figures should have a proper context.
  • You should not repeat the information in the figures and tables within your text. However, you can high light the most important information in your text if you need it.

You might get stuck while writing your result section or while planning it out. With the help of this article, you cross that hurdle. However, if you feel the need for an additional helping hand, then you can get dissertation help from various dissertation writing services. We at Uniresearchers provide the best dissertation writing services in uk to all the students seeking dissertation help in uk.

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