What is a research proposal project?

What is a research proposal project


A research proposal project is one of the most important documents a student has to write during his or her stay in college. A research proposal is one of the most concise and accurate summaries of your supposed research. There are many research proposal example which you can follow for the outline of research paper and dissertation proposal. A research proposal project or a research proposal example outlines the main area of study in which your outline of research paper falls in. this also helps the readers to understand your current state of knowledge and any sort of debates and discussions which have happened recently on any topic. Because research proposal project and dissertation proposal is not an easy task, there are many PhD students who seek research proposal help. There are many research proposal help available for PhD students who need help with their research proposal project.

It is one of the most important documents you submit as a part of your application process. Your research proposal gives you the opportunity to show your tutors and examiners that you have the aptitude to perform a graduate level of research. You can do that by showing that you can communicate and express complex ideas very clearly and in a concise manner. This research proposal also helps you to match your interest and type of research with an appropriate supervisor and tutor.

What should you include in your research proposal?

There are certain things which your research proposal must contain. This is important because the content of your research proposal is of the utmost importance. That is why you need to pay a lot of focus on what you write inside the research proposal. There is a strict format you must adhere to while writing a research proposal. Only then will it make an impact on your tutor. Let us look at a few headings you must write in your research proposal.


This is the title for your research. This can be just tentative, loosely based on the topic you want to research. Do not worry if you are not satisfied with your title later on while writing the proposal. The title can always be improvised and changed. Make sure that your title is very well chosen. This is the one chance you have to make a mark on the minds of your readers. The title is one of the most important and impactful parts of the entire proposal. Make sure it is worthwhile.


The abstract of your proposal must contain a short and concise statement of the research you want to do. The abstract you write should not be more than a maximum of 100 words. This is very important if you want to impress your tutor. The trick lies in how you can precisely write a complete abstract in as fewer words as possible. This can be written in the form of a couple of sentences highlighting what the main problem of your proposal is. This can also be the main or the central problem you want to address in your proposal.

Research Context

It is important that you should explain the background against which your research is set. It is the main background against which you plan on conducting your research. You need to include or mention a brief overview of the general idea of study within which your apparent research falls. This not only allows you to demonstrate a sense of familiarity but also be able to communicate very clearly and in a concise manner.

Significance of Research

This is literally one of the most important parts of your entire research proposal. Whatever proposal you draft, must show how original your research or intended research is. Which is why you need to be able to explain to others why your research is important. You can do this by including examples, explaining the importance of your research, etc.

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