Top 7 Research Paper Topics and How to Pick the Best

Writing research papers is a very common activity in a student’s educational career. However, writing one is not as easy as it might sound. One has to put in all the efforts and sacrifice a lot of things to complete a good research paper.

Let’s forget about writing a research paper. In fact, selecting a topic for the research paper itself is a huge thing. It is not easy to select research paper topics as you cannot change the topic after you select it and start writing about it. The selection of a topic is the first important thing to write an impressive paper. Therefore, you cannot select the topic randomly and start writing on it. There are certain steps to follow to select a good topic.

Brainstorming Ideas

The first step to select a topic is to brainstorm ideas.  You can look out for various websites to get some fresh ideas. Moreover, you can also get an idea from the current events. Ensure that you do not select a topic based on overused ideas. However, if you have a unique approach towards an overused idea, there is no harm in selecting such topics. Furthermore, your instructor can also provide you with some ideas or guide you with the sources for fresh ideas.

Read Background

Once you brainstorm your ideas, filter out the unwanted ideas and list down the interesting ones. After listing them, you have to read the general background of each idea. Reading the background will help you understand the depth of the topic. You can further filter out the topics whose background sounds irrelevant.

Keyword Analysis

The keywords play a very important role. Your idea or topic should contain the keywords that are relevant to your research question. Once you read the background, start identifying the important keywords from the background or the idea. Remove out the ideas that do not fall into the important keyword circle.  

Focus on the Research Question

The topic that you select should have a problem, which acts as a research question. Without a research question, your research paper is equivalent to an informational essay. Therefore, ensure that the ideas that your filter should have a problem or a question, for which your research paper provides a solution or an answer. Moreover, you need to ensure that your research question is more specific rather than generic. The more specific your topic is the more interesting the research paper becomes.

Thesis Formulation

A thesis is a very important part of a research paper. It is one of the best ways to answer your research question and define the purpose of the paper. Its length is usually one or two sentences. It informs your readers about the topic and the aspects to expect in the paper.

Following these simple steps can help you select the best topic for your research. Some of the research paper topics or ideas that we suggest are

  • The ill-effects of animal testing and how to eradicate it?
  • How technology impacts the modern education system?
  • Is climate change a real thing?
  • The criticality of Child violence and immediate need to handle it.
  • Is there a possibility of World War IV? If so, what would be its impact?
  • The impact of startups and how to build one.
  • Impact of the internet on culture.

These research paper topics are some of the ideas that you can research on. However, if you still need help, you can get help from Uniresearchers as their writers have expertise in all the domains.

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