The Know-How of Trusting Review

The sole purpose of website reviews is to give the viewers an idea about the website and its services. These reviews go through the website and their services and rate them along with the explanation for the same.  They help the customers to choose the right website according to their requirements.

Importance of Website Reviews

  • The website reviews help the customers to make the right decision. It has become a trend for customers these days to first go through the review before taking any action.
  • The reviews carry as much value as a personal recommendation. Customers going through the website reviews feel safe while making any decision.
  • One important fact about an online review is that it can be either good or bad. This gives an opportunity for the customers to know if there is something negative about the website. Doing so can save customers from selecting the wrong service.

Having known the importance of these reviews, let us look at the other side f the coin. Various companies in recent times have started misusing them for promoting their business negatively. There are various means of misusing these reviews to defame and spread fake propaganda about good companies like  Uniresearchers.

Defaming competitors: Several companies have started fabricating reviews to defame their competitors. In such a manner, they intend to steal loyal clients from other genuine and refuted companies and affect their business. One such example is where companies like UK top writers, Top Writers and Betty Columbus have started defaming their major competitors. This process also includes posting negative Uniresearchers review. The motto behind such reviews is not only to defame Uniresearchers but also to attract the customers by intentionally writing negative comments about Uniresearchers reviews.   

Paid reviews: Companies have started paying to publish reviews about their products or services. These paid reviews post positive reviews about the paying company so that customers believe it to be true.

SEO: Another major reason for companies to use reviews for their advantage is to improve the search results. Making up reviews and getting them posted for money helps companies to improve their search rankings.

How to Identify Fake Reviews?

The first thing to learn about a fake review is that companies doing such activity are merely concerned about making business. They do not have anything to do with the customer or their satisfaction. Therefore, it becomes difficult to trust companies that rely on fake reviews to get new customers. Hence, it is important to know the ways to identify a fake review.

Services Offered: The first thing to check is if the website reviewing other companies offers the same services or not. If the website offers the same services as its competitors, then you should not trust such reviews, as the sole purpose of such reviews is to demean the competitors. For instance, if a website provides Uniresearchers review, you can check if it provides the same service or not. If they provide the same service, then you should not trust it.

Affiliate Program: If the review website does not offer services similar to the websites it has reviewed then you can check for affiliation. The best way to check such things is to verify the link. The link mentioned in the review should not contain any tracking code. If you find any such code, then it is for sure a fake review.

Other Reviews: You can also go through other reviews to identify the trustworthiness of the author. If you find any suspension in other reviews, you can easily understand that there is something fishy. For instance, if you come across any website which provides Uniresearchers review, you should not trust it blindly. You have to check if there are other reviews. Later, compare these reviews and check if all look genuine. Only trust genuine review websites, like Trustpilot, and google.

Review Comments: Comments are another way to identify the truth behind the review. Most of the time, the author can hide comments that deny their review. However, there are other ways to identify the truth. You can look through all the comments and if they all have a pattern or are highly praiseworthy. The presence of such reviews in abundance can give a hint regarding the fake nature of the review. Moreover, you can also check if the person who has posted the comment has a real name and genuine profile pic. Furthermore, you can run a reverse image test to check if the user is fake or genuine.

These tips will help you avoid the trap of fake reviews because many companies have already fallen prey to such reviews. Now, certain websites such as UK top writers, Top Writers, and Betty Columbus have started targeting Uniresearchers. They have been spreading negative reviews about Uniresearchers stating that it is not a trustworthy company. Moreover, some claim that Uniresearchers do not provide quality papers. On the contrary, Uniresearchers track record says the complete opposite.

“With a success ratio of 500+ high-quality dissertations and more than 2000 assignments, coursework and essays, Uniresearchers still outperform others in terms of its achievements. Our customers have always remained loyal after getting our assistance.”

Therefore, if you are a student and want to know about us, do not fall prey to fake reviews. The best place to get the right review is through standard review websites such as,, and Google. These standard websites provide honest reviews about the companies irrespective of their product and service.

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