How a proper essay plan can save your time?

How a proper essay plan can save your time?


Description: Students often find it difficult to write an essay within the provided time. One of the biggest reasons is the die to lack of proper essay plan. As the students do not plan the essay before they start, they end up with a time-consuming essay. One of the reasons for not planning the essay could be the lack of knowledge about the planning. Being novice, the students might not have an idea where to start their plan. Therefore, through this article, the students will learn how to plan their essays. Eventually, the plan will help them write their essay quickly, saving them a lot of time.

Essays are the most common activity that the students need to do during their academic journey. Therefore, students often tend to rush up with the essays to complete them quickly. Unfortunately, they do not know that the key to a successful essay is through efficient and careful planning. It is actually more important than the actual writing of an essay. The essay plan can not only help you get good grades but can also help you save a lot of time. The essay planning requires you to follow a systematic approach. Through this article, you will get to know about the procedure to plan your essay properly.

Understand the Essay Question

Proper essay plan starts with the analysis of the essay question. Most of the times the student end up with writing the wrong essay due to misinterpretation of the essay question. Hence, it is essential that you read the question carefully and identify what is asked in the question.  The best way to understand the question is to identify the keywords.  For instance, you can identify the essay approach through keywords such as analyze, contrast, compare and much more. Based on these questions you will be able to formulate the answers to your questions.

Planning Research

The research is a key part of an essay plan. You need to decide how you would conduct the research for your essay. The best way to plan for your research is to identify the key texts on your essay topic. Moreover, you can plan the research through the references or bibliographies present in the identified texts. By planning your research initially, you need not waste much time on the research. You would know the texts that you need to look for when you start your essay.

Planning Structure

Once the research of the essay is planned, it is essential to plan the structure of the essay. The structure will obviously vary from one essay to another. However, the most common structure of an essay includes an introduction, main body and a conclusion.

Planning Introduction

The introduction of an essay should be brief along with a thesis statement. Most of the time, an introduction is ended with a thesis statement. If it is not in your case, you should choose to end the thesis with a hooking statement. Such a statement links the introduction to the first paragraph. Moreover, it also engages the audience to read further.

Planning Main Body

In the main body, you should include paragraphs that are separate and focus on different ideas. These ideas should be connected to the main essay topic. Writing the body part in multiple paragraphs can be difficult. However, with proper planning, you can make it easy. During your plan, you also need to ensure that you provide proper evidence for your content. You can also make use of quotations in your essay. The reason is that the use of quotations can help you add more thoughts to your essay content. But for every content that you use from other text, you should provide a proper reference to the same. Even if you just employ the idea in your essay, you need to provide references. If you fail to provide the reference, your essay would be considered as plagiarized. And for a plagiarized essay, the consequences could be as strict as termination.

Planning Conclusion

You must carefully plan the conclusion of your essay similar to the rest of the essay part. The conclusion should be 10% of the total essay word count. Moreover, while working on your conclusion you should not include any new information. It should just provide the gist of all the main points of your essay.

With all these tips, you might have learnt the importance of an essay plan. With a plan in existence, your time would surely get saved when you write your essay. In case, you find it difficult to write an essay with a proper plan, you can get help from Uniresearchers. At Uniresearchers, the essays are written with a proper essay plan in place so that the students get the best.

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