Importance of Linking All the Parts of Your Essay

If you have an essay in your pipeline, then you will have to take care of various aspects. One of those aspects is ensuring the linking of all the parts of your essay. You need to understand its importance before you learn how to link all the parts. Through this article, you will learn the importance of linking all the parts of your essay and the ways to link them. Uniresearchers gives best essay writing service in UK.

Writing an essay is not a child’s play, especially when you need an impactful essay. There are various factors that you should consider while writing an impactful essay. One such factor is to structure the paragraphs of the essay and establish the link between them. Now you must wonder “why is linking important?”

Importance of Linking All the Parts of Your Essay

The answer is that linking will help you develop and sustain an argument that will compel the readers to ask for more. Moreover, linking all the parts of your essay will improve its readability. In addition, it will smoothly transit the readers from one sentence or paragraph to another. Furthermore, it will improve the quality of your assignments.

Well, now that you know how important it is to link the parts of your essay, you should know how to link them. The only way to link your ideas is to write structured paragraphs that link to each other. Therefore, for such a paragraph, you should follow the unity model.


According to the unity model, one paragraph should focus on only one idea. For instance, when you writing the advantages and disadvantages, do not write it in the same paragraph. You can split the both into two. Moreover, you need to follow three rules to establish the link.

  • Rule 1: The first sentence of the paragraph should outline the overall idea of the paragraph.
  • Rule 2: The supporting sentence of your paragraph should explain the main idea.
  • Rule 3: The final sentence should build a link to the next paragraph.

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WEED Model

To write your paragraphs with proper link, you need a well-defined structure. You can obtain this structure with the help of WEED model. The WEED model is one of the easiest ways to write a paragraph. In the WEED model, the

  • W represents What. Generally, the first sentence always covers the What. As discussed earlier, the topic sentence should ensure that it conveys what subject you are covering.
  • E represents Evidence. Once you support your idea with other sentences, you need to ensure that you provide proper references to the same. These references will add value to your supporting sentences. Moreover, they will add the credibility to your sentences.
  • E represents Example. It is not always necessary to illustrate your sentences with an example. However, the best practise is to use examples wherever possible. The main reason is that it will help you to explain your ideas in a better way. Moreover, an example will help you link your ideas to the real world. Thus, the readers will find it easy to understand your essay.
  • D represents Do. The do part is the final part of the paragraph. In this part, you need to sum up all the information in the paragraph. In some of the cases, this part analyses the entire paragraph. However, in some cases, the last part helps link to the next paragraph.

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Linking Words: Custom Writing Service

Being a student, not everyone knows about linking the sentences. Most of them are unaware of the linking words. These linking words can help establish a relationship between the sentences and paragraphs. Some of them are

  • Although
  • However
  • Moreover
  • Accordingly
  • Consequently
  • Furthermore
  • Evidently
  • Hence
  • Nevertheless
  • Similarly
  • Thus

Many other words can help you in building the link. However, these words are some of the most common and frequently used words.

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Following the unity and the WEED model can help you write paragraphs with linking elements. As a result, you end up linking all the parts of your essay. Furthermore, if you find it difficult to follow the two methods, you can make use of some linking words to improve the linking in your essay. Despite all your efforts, if you still face any issues, you can get academic essay help.  You can find many cheap essay writing service or custom essay writing service for your help. Uniresearchers is one of these writing services that offer the best academic help.

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