How to write an essay on environment pollution

Environment pollution is a very vast topic. It becomes difficult most of the time when writing on such huge elaborated topics. Therefore, students should stay focused on one particular issue that they select for their essays. Moreover, a pre-defined structure can always help one deviate from the original topic. Through this article, you will learn the steps to write an essay on environment pollution.


As we already know that the subject of environment pollution is vast and we need to focus on the selected topic. However, the concept is so common that you can find thousands of articles on the same topic. Unfortunately, all these articles are of no help. The best way to conduct genuine research is to research from peer-reviewed journals and books. As these are considered scholarly articles, they can make your essay even more authentic.


The first step of writing such an essay is to provide a background for the issue that you have selected. You can also include definitions for it. The background should also have some facts to present the validity of your research. Ensure that you establish a good connect with the readers at this stage. A proper hook needed to make the readers believe that you have something worthy to deliver. Failing to establish a connection, in the beginning, can lead to a lack of interest.


Once you are done with the introduction, you first need to inform the readers what is the reason behind the pollution. Without knowing the cause one cannot justify the solutions. Therefore, you must focus on the major causes of your issues. To make your points strong, you can include the following details

  • Facts
  • Figures
  • Quotes
  • The resemblance of historical prediction with today’s fact
  • Tables


When there is a problem, you need to provide a solution for it only then your essay makes sense. Therefore, make sure you access scholarly resources to present your solutions. You can classify the solution into three sections

  • Governmental:  These solutions include the solution that the government has implemented and can implement in the future.
  • Societal: These solutions are for the society and the community to implement together. In these solutions, you can suggest examples from other countries.
  • Individual: These solutions are for every individual to implement on a day-to-day basis. The reason one should share the individual solution is that every human being is responsible for the good or bad on this planet. Hence, every individual has to work towards the good health of planet earth.


A proper conclusion is very essential for a good essay. The conclusion is the last thing that any reader goes through. Therefore, ensure that you make a good impact on your conclusion. The best way to do so is through the following steps

  • Reiterate your thesis
  • Never introduce any new concept in the conclusion
  • Reiterate all the impotent causes and solutions
  • Ensure that the length of the essay is not more than 10% of the entire essay’s length


As discussed earlier, there are a lot of articles on environment pollution. Therefore, you need to ensure that your thoughts or information does not overlap with the existing one. If it does, you have to give proper credits to the owner. If you fail to provide credits, it is considered plagiarism, and the consequences of it are very strict.

Now that you know the steps to write your essay, make sure that you follow them religiously. If you still find it difficult, you can get help from Uniresearchers. They have the best writers with access to various academic resources.

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