How to Write an Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation means chopping trees for other uses such as development and much more. This topic plays a very critical these days. Especially, due to rising global warming, it has become even more alarming. As a result, it has also taken the shape of a very important topic in schools, colleges and universities.

Unfortunately, as there is a lot of information on such topics, students often get confused and fail to write an impressive essay on it. Therefore, this article will help you learn how to write an essay on the topic of deforestation.


The first step while writing such an essay is to focus on the research. Such topics require extensive research. There are a lot of things written on such topics. Right from social media to peer-reviewed journals, everyone has their point of view on deforestation.

Therefore, the smartest way to perform research is to identify the authentic sources of information and build your essay on it. Moreover, ensure that you pile up your research in a structured way as it will help you while drafting your essay.


The introduction is the first thing that readers go through. Therefore, an essay on deforestation should contain a good hook in the introduction so that the readers get attached to it. Including a lot of facts in the introduction could lead to losing the reader’s interests.

Therefore, your introduction should contain a background of the issues. Doing so will give the readers the criticality of the situation.

Causes for Deforestation

Deforestation is not only man-made; sometimes it is also natural. Therefore, you must inform your readers about the causes of deforestation. Moreover, they should also know the application of cutting down trees. To add a cherry on the cake, you can also present facts along with a comparison of the historical data.

Effects of Deforestation

The most critical part of the essay is to present the effects of deforestation. The readers should have a strong idea of the ways through which deforestation has affected and will affect the earth. Doing so will help you establish the criticality of the issue. Moreover, you will have a strong chance to connect with the readers. Moreover, in this section also you can include the various facts to make your claim strong.


A standard rule of an essay is that you not only identify the problem but also provide solutions to the problem. Therefore, even in the essay of deforestation, you have to provide solutions for the discussed problems. However, you should not provide existing solutions as people already know it. The essay should present some new solutions. Moreover, in such essays, you should suggest simple solutions that every individual can implement.

As deforestation is a major issue, only the government cannot solve it on its own. Every human being on this earth needs to make efforts. Presenting solutions that individual beings can implement is the best way to present your concern towards the topic.


The final stage of your essay is its conclusion. As the conclusion is the last piece that the readers go through. Ensure that you include all the critical points in your deforestation essay, which majorly should include the key solutions. Moreover, ensure that you do not present new information on your topic in the conclusion part.

Implementing such a simple format in your essay can add more value to your essay and make it strong enough for a good score. However, if in case you still find it difficult to write an essay on such issues, you can get help from the best essay writers at Uniresearchers.

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