How to Use Your Christmas Vacation for Dissertation Preparation

Writing a dissertation is not something you can do in a day or two. It requires a lot of patience and effort. Therefore, you cannot write much during your Christmas holidays. However, you can get enough time to complete a remarkable amount of your work. However, working during a vacation is not an easy task. You have many disturbances both internally and externally. Therefore, you need to take enough care while preparing for the dissertation.

Inform Family

The most important thing to do while working during vacation is informing your family members. They should know your decision to prepare your dissertation. During vacation, family members expect you to spend time with them. If you inform them, they will ensure not to disturb you while you prepare your dissertation.

Take Advantage of Time

During Christmas vacation, you will find enough free time. You will have many small and unexpected beaks during your vacation. Utilizing these breaks wisely will help you cover some important portions of your dissertation. You can use this time to research or learn something related to your topic. You can refer a few articles during the break and edit or highlight the important information.

Activities to Do

Qualitative Research

The research is one of the most important things to do during your vacation. You can research on the following factors during your vacation

  • Title of the dissertation
  • Keywords of the dissertation
  • Related literature
  • Available sources of research
  • Most critical findings
  • Important authors who have contributed towards the study

You can research on all these factors. While doing so, ensure that you have something to note down the research that you have done. This will help you avoid repetition in the future. Moreover, you can also easily recollect the factors at a later stage.

Rough Draft

Writing a complete rough draft of your dissertation is not possible during the Christmas vacation. However, you can write bits and pieces of your dissertation’s rough draft. For instance, you can write a literature review of reviewed articles. You can research the methodology and write a rough draft about how you will use the methodology for your research. Moreover, you can also write a few problem statements related to your dissertation writing help.

These simple tasks will help you complete a little bit of your dissertation preparation tasks. However, it is not possible to complete a big chunk of your dissertation during Christmas vacation. Therefore, even if you complete 1% of your work during Christmas, it will lift some burden from your shoulders. Expecting to complete a huge amount of dissertation in such vacations is unrealistic.

Best Option

The best option during your Christmas vacation is to hand over your dissertation to Uniresearchers. The writers at Uniresearchers will be working on each part of your dissertation while you enjoy your valuable Christmas vacation with your family.

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