How to Avoid Plagiarism While Referring Other People’s Work

One of the biggest challenges while writing a dissertation is to avoid plagiarism caused by referring other people’s work. Every academic work needs to have strong arguments and comments which can be only done by referring to the work done by other authors. Therefore, every student needs to identify a way to avoid plagiarism but at the same time refer to works of the other writer.

A dissertation is a very important part of every student’s academic life. The students need to do a lot of research while working on a dissertation. During the process of writing the dissertation, not all the ideas in the dissertation belong to the writer. Some of the ideas can be added in the work by making use of direct quotes. However, from an academic point of view, it is unethical to use the ideas of other writers and submitting it as an own study. However, there is a solution to such problem. The answer to such a problem is “referencing”

What Is Referencing and How Is It Help in Removing Plagiarism?

Referencing is the act of acknowledging other persons idea/stats in your work. Through referencing, the readers can quickly and easily access the source from which you have referred the data. Moreover, readers can also use the reference to validate the data you have entered in your document. The sources can be in two possible ways: in-text citation and bibliography.

In-text Citation:

The in-text citation makes use to refer the inspiring content within the body of the assignment. For instance, you have mentioned about a fact in one of your paragraphs. In such case, you must cite the fact at the end of the sentence so that the readers know the valid source of the fact and can trace back the fact.

Reference List:

The reference list is a list which contains the details of all the references used in the in-text.

Referencing can be a difficult task. Therefore, you can get help with dissertation proposal from dissertation writing services. With the dissertation proposal writing help, you can submit a well-referenced paper, free of plagiarism.

Benefits of Referencing

Adding references to your content adds value to your arguments. It displays that you have gained a wide knowledge from various writings and experts. A good reference also helps you score good grades. Moreover, it also helps to avoid the accusation of plagiarism. You can also approach dissertation proposal writing service to get help with dissertation proposal.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism for Dissertation Proposal Writing

  • Paraphrasing: When you paraphrase the text of an author, you should ensure that you make use of unique sentence structure and words.
  • Quotes: Highlight the direct quotes that you use in your content. Later, provide an in-text citation to those quotes.

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When To Cite References

  • Distinct Ideas: Cite the sources when the ideas and opinions belong to a particular source.
  • Intellectual Structure: The Source of information needs to be cited for every intellectual structure which is referred from it. For example, if you solve a problem using a specific way suggested by an author, then you need to cite it as it is an intellectual property of the author.
  • Information: In case you use any information such as statistics, facts, diagram, etc. from any source, you should cite the work from where it is referred.
  • Phrase: Any phrase or passage unique to the personal work of the author  reference it.
  • Non-Common Knowledge: Any information that is not common knowledge and is a part of some other person’s work should be referenced.
  • Doubtful: Whenever you are in doubt, it is better to cite the source so that you can avoid any kind of plagiarism. However, note that you do not cite too much to impress your tutor.

How to Cite a Reference

There are a various referencing styles in use. Some of the most common referencing styles are

  • Harvard
  • American Psychology Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)

Learning these referencing styles in a short time might be time-consuming. Students cannot learn these styles in a short time as they have other academic commitments. Therefore, they can get dissertation assignment help from dissertation proposal writing service.  These services have experts who have a deep knowledge of these referencing styles.

After writing the content and referencing it, you should check your content for plagiarism. There are several tools that allow you to check your dissertation for plagiarism. For instance, Turnitin software is a standard toll which helps you to check the exact plagiarism in the content. If you find it difficult to write a plagiarism free content, you can get dissertation assignment help from Uniresearchers.

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