Grammar Tips for your dissertation writing

A dissertation is a very important coursework in a student’s academic career. One has to ensure that there are no errors associated with content and grammar in the dissertation. Yes, you heard it right. One has to even take care of grammatical errors. Students cannot afford to make any grammatical mistakes in their dissertation as it can affect their overall scores. Therefore, this article provides some grammar tips so that the students can avoid unintentional grammar mistakes.

Avoid Passive Voice

The best way to make an impact on the readers is to make use of active voice while writing your dissertation. Active voice makes you content reader-friendly, unlike the passive voice where the readers easily get confused. The sole purpose of using active voice is to clearly transfer your thoughts to the reader. The simplest rule to do so is to frame your sentences in Subject+Verb+Object format.

Employ Pronouns

Making use of your noun in each and every sentence, not only makes your content ambiguous but also shows your lack of professionalism. Therefore, it is always suggested to make use of pronouns if more than one sentence relies on the same noun. Moreover, you can also avoid mistakes with proper use of pronouns. However, one needs to be very cautious regarding the usage of the right pronoun.

Right Tense

Tenses play a very important role while writing your dissertation as they depict the time of your content. Moreover, they also make the content relevant and relatable. Also, ensure that the tense remains the same throughout the dissertation unless there is any specific need to change the tense. Generally, it is preferred not to make use of the past tense.


The smaller they are, the mightier is their effect. Without proper punctuation, the sentence looks incomplete. Sometimes, wrong or no punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Moreover, making a punctuation mistake in a dissertation shows the incompetence of a student in the English language. The most common mistake that people do is the misuse of a comma and wrong usage of comma and semi-colon.

Conjunctions are Your Friends

When it comes to complex thoughts, students often make the mistake of framing a confusing sentence. Moreover, when there is a need for using lengthy sentences, one of the grammar tips that experts suggest is the use of conjunctions. However, one should ensure that one should use two similar ideas only. One should always remember that two distinguished ideas cannot or should not be connected with the use of conjunctions. Moreover, while using conjunctions, one should ensure that the usage of right conjunctions that are meaningful.

No to Dangling Modifiers

What is a modifier? A modifier describes an object’s or subject’s characteristics. Therefore, when a modifier creates more confusion or is placed at the wrong place, it is called a dangling modifier. Hence, the easiest way to remove a dangling modifier is to place it in the right position.

Importance of Proposition

In simple words, anything that tells the position and lapse of time is called a preposition. It is as important as punctuation in any sentence. The reason both have their importance is because of their confusing nature. Therefore, it is very critical that one understands the true meaning and usage of each and every preposition in any given sentence.

These are some grammar tips that can help you improve the quality of your dissertation. However, not all students are good at grammar. For such students, the best way is to get help from grammar correction tools or dissertation writing services. Either way, the students will have to rely on external sources. Therefore, the best option in such cases is selecting a dissertation writing service. Uniresearchers is one such service provider, which has expert writers in all domains.

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