Global Warming Essays

Global Warming Essays


Global warming is one of the fastest growing evil of today’s’ time. It is a graving issue which has been affecting the whole world for the past few years. We have seen several global warming essays crop up, but somehow, there’s no solution to it whatsoever. According to many global warming essays, it can be defined as the increase of the average temperature of the earth due to the trapping of radiation and gases in the atmosphere of the earth, much like a greenhouse.

This phenomenon has been active for hundreds of years on earth. However, it has started to pose as a threat only a few years ago. Why, you ask? That is because it has caused an increase in the anthropogenic increase in the greenhouse gases, some of which may be very poisonous for humans and other life forms. As you must’ve read in many global warming essays, the increase of these gases has been causing a lot of trouble. It has disturbed the natural phenomenon of nature. The ice-bergs are melting, the water level has been rapidly increasing and all the ice caps have been melting. All in all, it is a total tragedy!

Let us now study what actually causes global warming!

Causes: Global warming essays

The global warming essay you write should mainly be focused on what are the causes of global warming. Global warming is caused because there is a lot of energy and radiation trapped in earth’s atmosphere. This energy gives off heat which causes global warming. There are various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane which play a key role in causing global warming. These gases cause the atmosphere to build up, hence causing the radiations and energy to be trapped. Over the time, this radiation keeps getting trapped. Subsequently, the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere rises and earth keep getting warmer.

Another cause of global warming is the annual rotation of the sun. As the sun rotates, the amount of solar energy earth receives also intensifies. Natural phenomenon like volcanos also gives out Sulphur dioxide in large quantities, which is also a greenhouse gas.

A lot of methane is also released from the cracks of the earth, sites of landfills and also via natural gas leaks. The effect and part of methane in global warming is about four times bad as carbon dioxide. Humans and cattle also contribute to the generation of methane.

Problems: Global warming essays

Greenhouse gases are really problematic. They raise the temperature of the earth and cause a lot of other problems. For instance, ice caps melt due to global warming and it is currently the biggest threat to mankind. As these ice caps melt, they cause the water level to rise all over the world. According to scientists, if all the snow and ice melts today, the water level will raise significantly. Not only that, low-lying areas like Netherlands and other countries will probably drown. What is sad, is that the areas that will be effected the worse from global warming are actually the ones that contribute the least towards it.

Coming to the living species, a lot of species are endangered due to global warming. As the temperature rises, all the species and living organisms that are not able to adapt to these changes will most probably die. This way, we will lose a lot of our biodiversity.

Another side effect of global warming would be the increase in natural disasters. Disasters like floods and hurricanes will become more and more frequent. Not only will these increase, but the intensity of all the other disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes only intensify as the global warming increases.

Lots of money will go into disaster management.

Solution :Global warming essays

Each Global warming essay you write must somehow contribute to providing a solution for the same. There are not one, but many solutions to curb global warming. The biggest solution which will make the most significant difference is that we should burn less and less fuel every day. If people opt for hybrid cars instead of cars run on natural gas and oils, there would be less generation of greenhouse gases. People should also opt for public transport and carpools in order to curb global warming.

After reading this, you now have an idea on how to write your global warming essay. Make sure the entire global warming essay you write must follow a certain pattern and structure. A properly structured essay is very appealing. If you are a student who is looking for professionals to write their essays, then you must contact Uniresearchers immediately.

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