How to choose discursive essay topics?

How to choose discursive essay topics?


Writing a discursive essay is one thing, but searching for discursive essay topics is another thing altogether. It is by far one of the most difficult and most exhausting things to do. Writing a discursive essay is one of the most challenging things you will have to do as a student. The best of the best get in a fix when they have to write a discursive essay. However, this should not be a problem for you now as there are many sources available to help you through the process. Sites like Uniresearchers are very beneficial for students who are looking for professional help with their essay writing or simple things like choosing discursive essay topics.

A discursive essay is one of the most interesting types of essays you will have to write. It is the kind of essay where the writer picks a debatable topic and defends his side throughout his write-up. When you are required to write such essays, it is advisable that you clearly state which side you are on beforehand. It is very important to pick just the right topic for your discursive essay topics. This is very important. You should pick such discursive essay topics which have both sides which can be defended. Also, you must pick such discursive essay topics whose results are not too obvious. Otherwise, there is no point in writing a discursive essay. However, you should not be too stressed out about choosing your discursive essay topics.

Let us now look at some points which will help you pick discursive essay points for your perfect essay.


Brainstorm and generate new and original topics. Pick a topic that fuels all your emotions and revs you. Pick a topic you have a strong affinity for. You must believe in the topic you choose. This will help you in writing your essay well. Not only that, it will also enable you to debate better. If you believe in a certain topic, you must write about it. This is important. You need to be passionate about your choice of topic and must also strongly believe in it.

Avoid topics which are too overdone

This is a very important point. Under all circumstances, you must avoid the topics that are too overdone or have been incessantly repeated. The readers are constantly looking for topics which are interesting and fresh. There is absolutely no space for monotony in topics and content these days. Choose topics which are fresh and trending. These topics are guaranteed to spark the interest of readers. Choose only those topics which are very innovative. Otherwise, your essay will become just another addition to the pile of monotonous essays.

Be very specific

Choose a topic which is very specific. It should not be too general or too overwhelming. Then again, avoid monotony at all costs. The topic you choose should be very specific and highly debatable. The area of the debate should not be too wide. In fact, it should be the complete opposite. The topic for your essay should be crisp and specific. If you choose a topic which has a very wide scope, then it is very likely that you will switch or stray away from your main topic.

Pick an informative topic

Make sure that the topic you choose should be informative. In other words, it should be easy to research and find information on that topic. Also, make sure that whatever your source is, it should be credible and genuine. If your sources are not credible, it may affect and challenge your credibility as a writer. If your content is not genuine, you will face a lot of backlash from your audiences.

Pick a cutting-edge topic

Choose a topic that is edgy and daring. Select a topic that fuels a fire in the minds of people who read about it or the readers of your essay. Your topic should be such that it must have staunch supporters who strongly believe in the topic. Also, the topic should also have fierce opponents as well. It is only when a topic has both supporters and opponents it becomes a good debatable topic. All in all, the main problem of your topic should remain unsolved at all costs. It is only then that the debate will keep going.

Now that you have read all these points, you are fully equipped to pick suitable discursive essay topics. However, if you feel at any point in time that you need professional help, then you can always seek help from Uniresearchers.

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