Dealing with Negative Feedback from Dissertation Supervisor!

Writing a dissertation is a nightmare for most of the students. They put in all their efforts to write their dissertation. However, everything depends on the supervisor and hence students often end up feeling disappointed when they receive negative comments from the tutor. Therefore, as a student, you need to deal with such negative feedback and revise your papers according to them to improvise your dissertation. Unfortunately, most of the students do not how to deal with such comments. Through this article, you can learn how to deal with the negative feedback from your supervisor and make increase the quality of your dissertation. Uniresearchers gives best dissertation writing services.

Writing a dissertation is a tiresome task because you need to exert all your efforts, spend sleepless nights, and avoid all the fun and social engagements. It’s an achievement in itself. After so many efforts when you submit your dissertation to your supervisor, you feel relaxed and expect the best. However, not every student gets a positive response. Most of them get negative feedback’s with red circles on the content. The reason could be that you submitted a low-quality draft or your supervisor is strict or maybe something else. Whatever may be the reason, you have no choice but to deal with the negative feedback’s. Unfortunately, many students face constant stress and do not know how to handle such situation or either cope with it. Through this article, you can learn how to deal with negative comments.

A Break Can Help

The first step to deal with negative feedback is to take a break. It is the best way to avoid the stress and panic caused due to negative feedback. Do not read the comments thoroughly, just skim them. Once you are done with the skimming, take a deep breath and go for a walk or divert yourself from the subject. To avoid such negative feedback from your supervisor, you can get the high-quality dissertation from dissertation writing services. These services have dissertation writers UK who are experts in all subjects and can write a dissertation that can easily please your supervisor.

Do Not Get Emotional While Writing Your Dissertation

Working on your dissertation gets you emotionally attached to it. The reason is that you have spent a lot of time and efforts over it and have sacrificed a lot to complete it. Therefore, anything negative about it can affect you emotionally. Hence, before submitting your dissertation, you should ensure that you keep emotions out after you submit your dissertation. To avoid such emotional attachment, you can get dissertation writing help in UK from dissertation writing service in UK which will provide you with the complete dissertation.

Learn to Spot Constructive Criticism: Dissertation

Every negative comment is a constructive criticism if it is taken in a positive way. The objective of every supervisor is to improve the works of the students. Not all the students understand it. You need to train your mind in a way that every negative feedback from your supervisor, needs to be considered as a opportunity to improvise your dissertation work. The more you improve your dissertation, the more you can expect to score.

Prioritise Comments

The first step should be to scan all the comments one by one and then decide the priority level of every comments. This will help you to work on the crucial sections of the report first, then followed by the normal ones. The next step is to first work on the major comments which require great deal of attention, so focus on modifying the content which has major rework as compared to the comments with minor feedback. Major comments constitute the overall quality of the work. On the other hand, if you get dissertation help from dissertation writing services in UK, you need not worry about critical comments. As the writers are experts in their fields, they can provide you with a dissertation that will rarely get any feedback.

Take Care of Personal Comments: Dissertation Writing Services

In some worst cases, the supervisors might yell at the students or might call them “stupid” or even worse. During such cases, you can identify if the teacher is being impulsive or intentional. You can avoid cases where supervisor reacts to your dissertation naturally. Such personal attacks are unintentional. You should not take it personally in such cases.

These five key steps will help you deal with negative feedback so that you can focus on improvising your dissertation. Whilst, The best solution to avoid all this hassles of receiving negative feedback is to opt for professional help from the best dissertation writing service. Uniresearchers is one of the best dissertation writing services online that provide you with a high-quality dissertation that will not receive any negative feedback from your supervisor.

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