How to write critical analysis in critical essay?

How to write critical analysis in critical essay?


A critical essay is one of the most ingenious types of academic writing the students asks to write. A critical essay is also one of the most interesting types of essays the students write. What makes it an interesting essay to write is the type of content it caters to. A critical essay is written only when a critical analysis or interpretation of a book, a film or that of an art form requires.

However, do not mistake a critical analysis or a critical essay for a review. These two are completely different things altogether. What makes it different from a review is the purpose behind writing it. Unlike a review, which is purely for entertainment and informative purposes. A critical analysis or a critical essay is written purely because of academic and educational purposes or goals.

More about critical essay

Students who are supposed to perform a critical analysis and write a critical essay must understand and know how to differentiate this from a review. They should not simply focus on reviewing the piece of art, or whatever they have picked. They should also have an academic argument to present with it. Study the topic carefully and make observations from the point of a scholar and note them down.

There is also a very popular notion that critical analysis or a critical essay is all about negatively criticizing the chosen topic. Critical analysis and essays are not all about critically and negatively analyzing the topic. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. In fact, it is just the opposite. It is a common occurrence to actually have an essay that speaks positively of the topic, and even aligns with the creators’ idea of the film, book or art.

Why do we write a critical essay or perform a critical analysis?

The main reason why students write this critical essay is to make sure that the readers have a more in-depth knowledge of the topic. Critical essays are written mainly to give the readers an explanation. An interpretation of one specific idea or any particular concept that the creator has included in his or her work.

Writing a critical analysis and essay can be really challenging. Because, in order to write a critical analysis, you need to feel every emotion, be really keen and observant and even feel all the different feelings in one text, film or even a painting.

Let us now understand a few points that you need to keep in mind while writing a critical essay.

Understand the need of your institution or instructor in critical analysis

This is one common mistake nearly all students make. They start writing and pay little to no heed to the requirements list of the instructors’ list. Read the list thoroughly and try and understand what exactly it is that your instructor is demanding. Not only that, also keep in mind to not start writing immediately after reading the list. Spend some time understanding the requirements. Also, consult with your instructor regarding the list and make sure to verify any queries you have.

Stay well informed

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the primary source for your essay. The primary source here is the movie, text or the piece of art on which you have to write your critical essay. It is important that you be careful while you are familiarizing with the source. Note down all the important details, no matter how minute it is. If you require to write about a film or a book, make sure you go through them more than just once. Each time you watch it, you will gain a different perspective on certain points or issues.

Identify the main issues

Once you have read the entire text over and over again, or have watched the film or painting multiple times, you will have noticed some of the issues with your topic. Bring out the notes that you’ve made and study them carefully.

They will help you identify the main cause you need to address in your critical essay. While you will be going through all your notes, you are bound to find certain patterns and points that are critical for your essay. These points will stand out from all your notes. Make sure you highlight these points and use these as key points in your essay.

Now that you have read all these points, you are absolutely ready to write a critical essay and perform a critical analysis of any topic you pick. Most importantly, now you know what exactly a critical essay is. This knowledge will help you write a better essay. However, if you still need help, you can always reach out to Uniresearchers.

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