Why Is It Important to Choose Correct Mix of Research Methodology for Your Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is one of the most important part of students life. However, for students who are currently in their final semester. One of the most important point is, knowing the correct mix of research methodology for dissertation.

It is very important to pick the correct mix of research methodologies for the final draft because that is what the whole dissertation depends on! This makes dissertation writing all the more difficult. Which is why, we have a bunch of highly qualified and trained professional dissertation writers. These writers are from all over the UK to help you with the same. We offer custom dissertation writing service UK help throughout to all the students.

Choosing the Right Research Methodology for Dissertation

Normally, the kind of research a student does dictates the terms of the type of methodology to pursue that particular research. These methodologies support the research and also collects the research data. Also, the paper speaks volumes about how the student has designed the methodologies to support the research. The research methodology for dissertation chosen can tell about the type of research that has been carried out and also reflect all the choices a student makes. The choices can be different during the entire process of formulating the dissertation. Undoubtedly, dissertation writing service UK is one of the toughest parts of the academic life of a student. But for those students who cannot cope up with this pressure of writing their dissertation do not worry. A lot of professional dissertation writers in uk are available to provide custom dissertation writing service help to aid them.

The Types of Dissertation Research Methodologies

As mentioned earlier, different types of researches call for different types of research methodology for dissertation or approaches towards the research. Following are the categories that the research approach is divided into:

1. Qualitative Research:

Students uses Qualitative research approach  to understand meanings according to their will. Students use this approach to understand or describe on opinion or an experience. These experiences can also include ideas, beliefs, values and other intangibles.

2. Quantitative Research:

The Quantitative Research approach is used when there is data that needs to be measured or verified using existing theories or hypothesis. It is also used when the researcher wishes to question the data or any pre-existing theories and hypothesis. The data, using this approach, is studied and challenged, and is ultimately used to produce new hypotheses and interesting theories.

Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches Together

Qualitative and Quantitative Research approaches, when used together, become a common approach. They help by backing up set of findings from one approach to support another set of findings from another approach. These two approaches together form a common approach. It brings the advantages of both the approaches, and help the researcher greatly by supporting the research.

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Qualitative Research Methods:

One of the best options for qualitative research methods is interviews. They enable us to interact with the subject on a face-to-face basis. The researcher can either take notes while speaking to the subject, tape the entire conversation, or can go the old-school way. They can simply rely on their memory to remember all the details of the interview. Even to conduct an interview, the researcher will have to draw up an interview schedule. Formulate the questions to ask in the interview on the basis of the data they require. A lot of dissertation writing service UK and professional dissertation writers use these approaches to support their researches.

Quantitative Research Methods:

Quantitative Research Methods have a lot to do with the collection of data. From a large amount of people, and questionnaires are the perfect approach for that. Questionnaires are perhaps the easiest way to collect information, but designing and formulating these questionnaires is a very difficult task. Another problem these questionnaires face is that their response rate is almost low unless there’s an immediate response to these.

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