Before Writing: How to Research for Any Kind of an Essay Like a Pro!

Writing an essay is a very common task in a student’s educational career. However, one cannot straight away go with the writing part. Effective research is always necessary to write an effective essay. Unfortunately, performing qualitative research consumes time and requires experience. Therefore, students often find t very difficult to write research due to their novice nature. Therefore, through this article, you will learn the best way to research for your essay


The first step is to brainstorm before you start with the essay. You should first read the essay question carefully and understand it. You have to read the question several times and note the keywords required. Understand what you know already and try to note them down. Once you note the thing you know, you can search based on the idea. This gives you an open space to research for multiple areas.

Smart Reading

While researching for your essay, you will have to read a lot of papers and articles. This task is exhaustive and time-consuming. However, there is a smart way to eliminate irrelevant sources. There are three steps to identify the relevance of any study to your topic

  • Read the title
  • Read the thesis statement
  • Read the references

If you find the above three elements relevant to your essay, continue with the study. If not, avoid reading it as it might end up consuming your precious research time.

The Librarian

The library is the best place to get most of the knowledge. However, most of the time, people forget the knowledge of the librarian. A librarian holds enough knowledge to guide you with the right sources to research. Moreover, he/she can help you kick-start your research. Apart from the librarian, you can get access to the library database and look for the required resources.

Make Notes

Making notes is a very important part of any research.  After going through a lot of studies, only the notes will help you in the end. It will not only help you recollect your points but also help you organize your research at a later stage. Also, if you make good notes of your research, you can use the same to study for your exams.

Be-Ware of the Internet

The internet is dumped with a lot of information. However, not all of them are genuine. Most of the time websites post fake or untrue information as their motto is to earn money and not educate people. Therefore, you should not trust everything you find on the internet. Whenever you find any article on the internet, verify it first. The best sources are often books and peer-reviewed journals.

These simple steps will make your research easy and effective. These steps are not restricted to essay writing. You can implement all these in any piece of article that you want to write. In case, you need an additional hand, you can get help from the best writers at Uniresearchers. They offer the best essay writing service in academic writing.

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