How to write Argumentative essay on social media

How to write Argumentative essay on social media


Social media is one of the most raging topics of debate in today’s world. This topic has been doing rounds for quite some while and is one of the most favourite topics of the top academics when it comes to essays and debates. This is one phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. One moment, we were still communicating through phone calls and letters, and the very next moment we’re tweeting and instagramming our favourite moments and likes and dislikes.

However, social media has faced a lot of criticism. While some stand strongly in favor of it, there are others who condemn it just as strongly. There are people who see social media as a platform for free speech and communication. They believe that social media has empowered us and that we can now freely express and share our opinions with others.

Not only that, we can also get in touch with prominent people with more ease and can find people with similar thoughts. However, there are also those people who strongly condemn social media and see it as the doom of mankind. They think that social media limits productivity, or is counterproductive, and will someday lead to societal disintegration.

Social media has a lot of pros, but it does have its fair share of cons. However, before we escalate this debate to a new level altogether, let us take a look at how to write an argumentative essay on social media.

How to start the argumentative essay on social media?

It is easy for students these days to write an essay an argumentative essay on social media. This is because they can relate more closely to the topic as they have the first-hand experience of the same. There will be lots of students who are regular on social media and document their life literally on social media.

That’s why the first thing students must keep in mind while writing an argumentative essay on social media is to pick one social media platform. This platform can be anything, right from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram. This will help them create a base for their essay on which they can work on.

Once the students have each chosen a platform, they need to collect all relevant data references or sources that will help them create an argument and debate. However, make sure that any reference you pick must have both positive as well as negative aspects of the platform.

Write the body paragraph

Once you have chosen a topic and collected all the data and references, then comes the most difficult point. At this point, the students have read both positive and negative aspects of the platform of their choice. Now, they have to decide which side they’re going to back and which side they’re going to oppose.

This can be a very difficult situation. Once they have chosen sides, they need to put forward really strong points which prove as to why they have chosen this side. They must put forward really strong arguments to back their side. In fact, they can also point out how social media has affected parts of their life, both positively and negatively.

Do not forget that for every argument you present for your side, there will always be counter-arguments from the other side. That is why you must be prepared at all times to be able to answer any sort of questions and counter-arguments against your case.

How to conclude your argumentative essay on social media?

The best way to wind up your argumentative essay on social media is to somehow build a connection between your topic to your present state and that of the reader. This will leave a lasting impact on the mind of the readers and they will always remember your essay.

Collect lots of information and references so that you can produce a valid and convincing argument in favor of the side you’ve chosen. In your conclusion, give a brief summary of all your key points and write them in a very attractive manner. Leave a lasting impact on the minds of the reader and you are sure to create an impression.

Now that you have read and gone through all these points, you are completely capable and equipped to write an argumentative essay on social media. However, if you still feel that you need professional help and guidance, you can always reach out to Uniresearchers.

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